Course Summary

A study of the text of Acts of Apostles

Primary attention is given to discovering the message of Acts of Apostles through historico-grammatical exegesis. The course is organized in three modules: (1) Acts 1:1-9:31, (2) Acts 9:32-18:22, and (3) Acts 18:23-28:31. 3 undergraduate semester credits.  Credit not allowed with BRS 21.


Utilize the principles that govern the interpretation of Acts of Apostles

• Relate the personalities, places, and events pertinent to the content of Acts

• Analyze the primary message and underlying themes of Acts

Credit. Credit for the course requires a score of 70% or greater on three multiple-choice examinations, an exegesis assignment, and a creative essay.  Each of the five graded elements is valued at 20% of the final grade. A sample exam problem is given below:

Who is the dominant character in the first five chapters of Acts? (A) John, (B) Paul, (C) Peter, (D) Stephen.


A Bible in any English translation. The New International Version is preferred. See under Electronic Collection for e-books.