Course Summary

An overview of various outlooks on life, including the concept of God, human existence, and beyond death

The course proposes to equip the student with a better understanding of the attitudes and beliefs that shape one's view of life. This is done through an introductory module on "Contexts for Creating a Worldview," and then illustrating a variety of outlooks that people have adopted. 3 semester hours of undergraduate credits.


1. Conceptualize basic worldviews that underlie the way people think about themselves, others, the natural world, and ultimate reality

2. Contrast the foundational assumptions of different worldviews

3. Evaluate different worldviews for what they offer and the evidence for what they propose to deliver

Credit for the course will be based on five essays. Each essay is valued at 20 percent of the course grade.


The following books are available in the Electronic Collection at no cost to the student.  However, the hardcopy versions are listed here for convenience.

Sire, James W. Naming the Elephant: Worldview as a Concept. 2nd ed. IVP Academic, 2004. 163 pages. $13.79 ISBN: 978-0830827794

Wilkens, Steve and Mark L. Sanford. Hidden Worldviews: Eight Cultural Stories That Shape Our Lives. IVP Academic, 2009. 218 pages. $16.47 ISBN: 978-0830838547

The student will be expected to read Internet articles and books beyond the syllabus.