Course Summary

Outcome of the activity of God

The study deals with core New Testament concepts, where God is the initiator of spiritual blessings which he brings to the world in Jesus Christ. 3 semester hours of undergraduate credit. Prerequisite: BRS 124.  Credit may not be earned with credit for BRS 4.

BRS 324 carries the discussion of theological concepts beyond that of BRS 124.  The course is organized in three modules: (1) Jesus Christ, (2) The Holy Spirit, the Christian Life, and Ethics, and (3) The Church, the Future, and Scripture.


1.  Analyze the person and mission of Jesus

2.  Examine the role of the Holy Spirit

3.  Demonstrate how ecclesiology and eschatology relate to God’s act of redemption

Credit.  Credit for the course requires a score of 70% or greater on each of the three multiple choice examinations and two essays. Each exam counts 20 percent of the final grade.  A sample exam problem is given below:

In all the accounts of the mission of Jesus, what stands out as the most important feature? (A) The cross, (B) The miracles of Jesus (C) The parables of Jesus (D) The teaching of Jesus


Necessary e-books are found in the Electronic Collection for no cost to the studentHowever, hard copy books can be substituted, if the student prefers.  The following are recommended.

Klink, Edward W., III and Donald R. Lockett. Understanding Biblical Theology: A Comparison of Theory and Practice. Zondervan, 2012. 192 pages. $16.57 ISBN: 978-03104922238

Thielman, Frank. Theology of the New Testament: A Canonical and Synthetic Approach. 2nd ed. Zondervan Publishing House, 2005. 800 pages. $30.65 ISBN: 978-0310211327