Course Summary

The overarching goal for this course is that the student will attain proficiency in applying exegetical and hermeneutical principles and use those skills in the future. Primary attention is given to historico-grammatical exegesis and underlying theological and historical significance of select biblical books. The course is organized in three modules: (1) Job, (2) Ruth, and (3) Chronicles. The course is intended for the upper division B.R.S. student. Prerequisite: BRS 125 Exegesis of the Hebrew Scriptures. 3 semester hours of undergraduate credit.  


1.  Analyze a selection of Old Testament books with a view toward establishing their unique contributions to the corpus of scripture 

2.  Employ sound exegetical and hermeneutical principles to analyze the significance of select Old Testament compositions for Israel and for modern Christians

3.  Demonstrate the impact of literary criticism on the study of select biblical compositions

Credit. Credit for the course requires a score of 70% or greater on three multiple-choice examinations and two research essays. Each of these graded elements counts 20% of the course grade.

A sample multiple-choice exam problem is given below.

The book of Job is organized (A) around central events that describe how Canaan was possessed by Israel, (B) chronologically, giving fairly equal space to each of two phases in Job’s life, (C) topically according to major subjects such as the role of priests, prophets, and judges, (D) in cycles of speeches bracketed by a prologue and epilogue.

Resources. Bible in any English translation. The New International Version is preferred.

Select e-books are available in Electronic Collections without cost to the student.  However, if hard copy substitutes are preferred, the following are suggested:

Amit, Yairah. Reading Biblical Narratives: Literary Criticism and the Hebrew Bible. Fortress Press, 2001. 204 pages. $22.08. ISBN: 978-0800632809

Chisholm, Robert B., Jr. and David M. Howard. Interpreting the Historical Books: An Exegetical Handbook. A vol. of Handbooks for Old Testament Exegesis. Ed. by David M. Howard, Jr. Kregel Academic & Professional, 2006. 232 pages. $14.27. ISBN: 978-0825427640

Access to commentaries is expected. A suggested list of commentaries, with appropriate substitutes for hard copy and online reading, is found under Extended Resources.