Course Summary

An introduction to the factual content of the New Testament

The course includes the people, places, and events found in the New Testament, including a minimum of 75 personalities, major geographical sites, stories, events, and discourses.  Normally, this is the third course in an undergraduate certificate and/or degree program at NationsUniversity. The course is organized in four modules: (1) The Gospels, (2) Acts of Apostles, (3) The Pauline Epistles, and (4) General Epistles and the Apocalypse. BRS 121 is recommended as a prerequisite. If the student chooses to take BRS 122 before BRS 121, the obvious handicap will be a lack of Old Testament background to the New Testament.  3 semester hours of undergraduate credit.


1.  Relate people to geographical locations, events, and institutions found in the New Testament

2.  Recognize the unique qualities and roles of Jesus Christ

3.  Synthesize the content of the New Testament compositions


Credit for the course requires a score of 70% or greater on each of four multiple choice examinations and an essay. Each graded element is valued at 20% of the final grade. A sample exam problem is given below:

The teaching of Jesus had its greatest appeal to the (A) Essenes, (B) general public, (C) Pharisees, (D) scribes.


This course is primarily a study of original source material (i.e., the biblical text), with minimal attention given to secondary sources.  A Bible is required. The New International Version is recommended because of its readable translation and wide use. Exam questions will use the language and spellings found in this version. However, if the student has some other English version, this should do fine.  The student will read the New Testament a minimum of five times and the syllabus at least twice. This amounts to the equivalent of 1500 pages of reading.

Useful secondary sources (optional):

Carson, D. A.; Douglas J. Moo; and Andrew David Naselli. Introducing the New Testament: A Short Guide to Its History and Message. Abbr. ed. Zondervan, 2010.176 pages.$10.92. ISBN: 978-0310291497

A substitute for the above hardcopy can be accessed without cost from the Course Menu through the Electronic Collection. 

A Bible atlas 

An extensive list of resources can be found under Extended Resources and the online library, including a variety of English and other language translations and an audio Bible.