Course Summary

Effective writing technique

The course assumes the student comprehends English grammar and vocabulary sufficient for composing written communication (Eng 1).  It concentrates on strengthening written communication skills in a variety of styles and forms. Course components include elements of composition, data collection, and formal writing procedures. 3 semester hours of undergraduate credit.  


• Demonstrate elements of formal composition

• Describe types of formal essays

• Synthesize diverse research into a congruent essay

Credit for the course requires a score of 70% or greater on a single multiple-choice exam over Module 1 Unit 1 and four sets of writing assignments found in Modules 1-3.  Each of these five graded elements represents 20% of the course grade.  A sample exam problem follows:

In the active voice of a verb, (A) the subject performs the action, (B) the subject receives the action, (C) the object performs the action, (D) the adjective receives the action.


Materials supplied in the course syllabus and Internet articles linked to the syllabus