Course Summary

A venture in research and writing on a religious topic

The research and writing course allows a student to explore a topic of personal interest. The research part of the course provides the student an opportunity to explore a single topic at some depth. The writing assignment develops the student's skill in making a coherent presentation of research findings.

Research shall focus on a particular issue or problem related to religion. It shall be serious, exacting, and based on credible sources and conducted in keeping with accepted standards of data gathering and reporting. 

The course shall be supervised by a three-person Research Committee chosen by the student and approved by the University.

Methodology, assumptions, evidence, and conclusions shall be reported in a formal paper of 30 double-spaced typewritten (computer generated) pages.

The course is limited to M.Div. students, for whom it is required.  3 graduate semester credits.


• Refine research techniques

• Analyze the components of a research topic and the evidence to support a conclusion

• Synthesize primary and secondary sources

Credit.  Credit for the course is based on the Research Committee's scoring, with a minimum of 70 percent (Pass) by each committee member required.

Resources.  The project will require access to resources that provide essential information demanded by the endeavor.