Course Summary

Connecting truths inherent within biblical scripture with a contemporary audience in a manner that is consistent with the intent of scripture

The course is organized in three modules: (1) The Science and Art of Communicating the Gospel, (2) Preparation, and (3) Presentation. The first module provides a theoretical foundation for a variety of means appropriate for communicating the gospel. Module 2 works on crafting formal presentations. Module 3 is given to field experience. Credit may be applied to the M.Div. degree only. 3 semester hours of graduate credit.


• Examine the theoretical foundations of religious communication

• Utilize basic principles relating to effective oral presentation of religious communication

• Engage in planned communication relative to spiritual issues 

Credit for the course requires a score of 70% or greater on two multiple choice examinations, a textbook review, submission of presentation outlines, and a satisfactory report on the delivery of a set of presentations. The five graded elements are of equal value for calculating the course grade. A sample exam problem is given below:

How can one judge whether a religious presentation is "good" or "bad"? (A) By audience response (B) By content (C) By how it is presented (D) By length


Litfin, Duane. Paul's Theology of Preaching. Rev. exp. ed. IVP Academic, 2015. 392 pages. $25.97 ISBN: 978-0830824715