Course Summary

The Awe of Praise

The course cultivates an awareness of worship and offers training in how to create positive worship experiences. This advanced course assumes the student has a good understanding of the nature and content of the New Testament. It is organized in three modules: (1) Worship from a Biblical Perspective, (2) Christian Worship in Historical Development, and (3) Implementing Worship in the Modern Church. Open only to M.Div. students.  3 semester hours of graduate credit.


 Appraise the nature and practice of worship in the Old Testament and in the early church.

 Recognize the influences of theology, biblical backgrounds, and history on worship.

Synthesize the relationship between praise, tradition, ethics, and evangelism.

Credit.  Credit for the course requires a score of 70% or greater on each of three multiple-choice examinations, a critical review, and a course project. A sample problem of the multiple-choice exam is given below.

The hymn book of the early church (A) consisted of songs adapted from Greek and Roman pagan worship, (B) consisted of songs produced by New Testament prophets, (C) was the book of Psalms, (D) was non-existent.

Resources needed for the course are in the form of e-books and are accessed through the Electronic Collection on the Course Menu.