Course Summary

Greek grammar, vocabulary, translation, and application

An introduction to Greek grammar, vocabulary, and issues related to translation and exegesis of the New Testament. The course is organized in 3 modules: (1) Grammar, (2) Working with New Testament texts, and (3) Translation, Exegesis, and Application. 3 semester hours of undergraduate credit.  Prerequisite: Grk 100.  No credit allowed with former BRS 8. 


Identify and analyze vocabulary and parts of speech in Greek (Module 1)

Apply the rules of grammar to translate Greek texts (Module 2)

 Evaluate translations and exegesis of Greek texts (Module 3)

Credit. Credit for the course requires a score of 70% or greater on three multiple choice examinations and two research papers. A sample exam problem is given below.

Adjectives have (A) case, gender, and number, (B) no case, (C) no gender, (D) no number.

Resources.  Resources are available online in the Electronic Collection (see Course Menu) and NU online libraries.