Course Summary

Grammar, vocabulary, reading comprehension, and sentence structure

The course is equivalent to that offered throughout the United States for students entering the university. It is not designed for students who know little or no English. It is a beginning place for students whose native language is not English, provided they are generally acquainted with the language. The study offers an opportunity to build a stronger foundation for reading, speaking, and writing in the English language. Course components include (1) grammar, (2) vocabulary and reading comprehension, and (3) punctuation and sentence structure. This class is required of all students seeking the B.R.S. degree. Students entering NU with Advanced Placement credit or equivalent transfer credit will have satisfied the requirement. 3 semester undergraduate credits.


1. Demonstrate how the components of English grammar function.

2. Identify and define English vocabulary needed for reading at the university level.

3. Demonstrate proper sentence and paragraph structure.

Credit.  Credit for the course requires a score of 70% or greater on each of four multiple-choice examinations. Each exam is valued at one-fourth of the final grade. A sample exam problem is given below:

Mark the response that fits the sentence. Professor Smith warned _______ a test the following week. (A) that he gave, (B) that he had given, (C) to give, (D) that he was going to give.


Electronic sources are provided in the Electronic Collection at no cost to the student.