Course Summary

Living as a Christian within the environment of unspiritual forces

Drawing upon theological concepts of Scripture, the course aims at presenting the case for the Christian life within a secular environment. The Christian life is described in ideal terms and then set against the background of common society. The course is also a culminating experience for those in the two graduate degrees offered by NU in self-evaluation of spiritual growth. It is organized in three modules: (1) The Foundation for Spiritual Formation, (2) Applied Spirituality, and (3) Spiritual Outlook. 3 graduate semester credits. Prerequisite: MRS 622 and M 11. 


• Analyze the foundation for spiritual formation

• Determine influences of one’s environment on a quest for spirituality

• Model ways to meet challenges to spiritual formation

Credit.  Credit for the course requires a score of 70% or greater on one multiple-choice examination over Module 1, writing assignments for Modules 2 and 3, and a case study. Each element is valued at 25 percent of the final grade.  A sample multiple-choice problem is given below:

The Spirit of God (A) enables the Christian to enjoy a relationship with God, (B) always controls the actions of Christians, (C) is subject to the will of the Christian, (D) does not imbibe the Christian.


A Bible in any translation (NIV is recommended)

Three e-books accessed through the Electronic Collection in the Course Menu.