Course Summary

Characteristics of the Roman Catholic Church

The course addresses the Catholic view of authoritative sources and critical theological themes such as God, Jesus, revelation, church, liturgy, morality, and spirituality. 3 semester hours of graduate credit.


Explain the Catholic approach to sources of authority.
•  Identify distinguishing marks of Roman Catholicism.
•  Discuss critical issues in Catholic theology.

Credit.  Credit for the course requires a score of 70% or greater on three multiple choice exams and two essays.  The course grade will be an average of these five graded elements.


Ample reading is found in the Electronic Collection without cost to the student.  If a hard copy book is preferred, the following is recommended:

McBrien, Richard P. Catholicism. Rev. ed. HarperOne, 1994. 1,344 pp. $31.10. ISBN: 978-0060654054