Course Summary

Major forms of Christianity on the African continent

An historical and analytical survey of the history of Christianity in Africa, including missionary endeavor and the indigenous form of Christianity that arose in Africa following the Colonial Period. The course is organized in three modules: (1) Christianity in North Africa, (2) Christianity in Sub-Sahara Africa, and (3) The Contemporary Scene. 3 semester hours of graduate credit.


• Examine the spread of Christianity in Africa

• Identify significant personalities in African church history

• Recognize the character of African Christianity

Credit.  Credit for the course requires a score of 70 percent or greater on three multiple-choice examinations and two essays.  Each graded element is valued at 20 percent of the final grade. A sample exam problem is given below.

Sensing a desire to make Christianity more compatible with African culture, the churches formerly under Colonial rule (A) met in conference in Nigeria to decide the best methodology, (B) organized themselves into national churches, (C) were led into evangelism by two apostles, (D) reacted to Colonialism by incorporating features from Traditional Religion.


E-books are available without cost to the student.