Course Summary

A consideration of spirituality, beginning with its reasonableness, its connection with the sacred, and its actualization

The course is laid out as a journey with stages, organized in five modules: (1) The Concept of Spirituality, (2) A Sense of the Sacred, (3) Spirituality Actualized, (4) A Spiritual Community, and (5) The Spiritual Life. A quest for authentic spirituality, the course objective is to inspire that longing, inquisitive, searching spirit within to look beyond the physical universe and claim the blessing that spirituality makes available. 3 semester hours of graduate credit. May not be taken if the student has credit for BRS 16.6.


• Identify the concepts, methods, and structures related to a personal quest for a spiritual experience with God through Jesus Christ

• Identify spirituality, parameters, and its essence in terms of faith and reason.

• Recognize the emotional response to faith and how one is drawn to the sacred.

• Explain the effects of the spiritual community in the life of the spiritual person.

Credit. Credit for the course requires a score of 70 percent or greater on each of three multiple choice examinations, an electronic notebook that includes personal reflections, and a 2,000 word essay.  A sample exam problem is given below:

From a biblical point of view, to believe that God is a Spirit, and then use an image in worship (A) is acceptable, if the image is considered a "representation" of God and not God himself, (B) helps the worshiper focus on the true God, (C) is inconsistent with biblical teaching.


All needed resources are available online without cost to the students.  See under Electronic Collection for readings and a lecture.  You may also chose other online versions or even hard copy.  You will find these resources helpful in your journey.

A Bible in any translation

à Kempis, Thomas. The Invitation of Christ. Dover Publications, 2003. 160 pages. $2.50. ISBN: 978-0486431857

Augustine. The Confessions of Augustine. Dover Publications, 2002. 319 pages. $4. ISBN: 978-0486424668

The Confessions of Saint Augustine

Imitation of Christ

Suggested Addition

Srygley, David. From Cloisters to Cubicles: Spiritual Disciplines for the Not-So-Monastic Life. Westbow Press, 2015. Paperback/eBook, $13.95/$4.99  ISBN: 978-1490867243.